Both 110 volt and 12 volt wiring run through individual channels.

Each opening is protected by plastic sleeves eliminating wire chaffing, electrical shorts and unintentional grounding.
Planned layout is repeated in every unit, ensuring ease of service or expansion of the electrical system.

Properly wired for safety and performance

Top Quality Construction

Decking and Insulation

The crowned roof is insulated with R14 Spun  fiberglass insulation.  All studs are primed and a bead of sikaflex is applied to each rafter, 3/8" plywood decking is then laid across the structure and mechanically fastened along the edge and at each panel seam. 

More Construction Details coming soon....

Hardwood Interior Paneling

1/4" thick hardwood paneling...

No paper or vinyl wrapping.  

Welded Aluminum Frame​

In addition to the chassis, the roof, wall and floor structure are also made of aluminum minimize the chance of mold, mildew or rotting wood.

These sections are then welded together for strength and longevity.

Greencore Floor​

Water resistant, wood free, lightweight, Greencore is made from recycled polyethylene and is 1000# per square inch crush resistant.  Saves weight, eliminates the chance of rot and mold plus helps save our environment.